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Dec 15

Benefits of Solid Wood Flooring

What are the benefits of Solid Wood Flooring?

When compared to both Laminate Flooring and Engineered Flooring, Solid Wood Flooring is a lot more expensive to buy and a lot of people contact us asking what the benefits are using Solid Wood Flooring instead of a cheaper alternative.

Solid Wood Flooring Benefits

There are several advantages to using solid wood flooring instead of either Laminate Flooring or Engineered Flooring.

  • Solid Wood Flooring is a floor for life. Due to the thickness of the flooring boards and the fact they are made using solid pieces of timber so long as you care and maintain the flooring properly it will last a lifetime. Even when the surface finish begins to wear you can sand it off and refinish the flooring making it as good as new. This can also be done with Engineered Flooring, however as there is only a thin veneer of real wood it can only be done once or twice before exposing the core of the flooring.
  • Solid Wood Flooring is excellent in barn conversions and period properties as there are several rustic oak and tavern oak options to choose from which look perfect in these type of situations and complement them nicely looking just like the original flooring.
  • Solid Wood Flooring is thick enough in the majority of cases to be used as structural floor boards which are fixed to joists.

These are just some of the benefits Solid Wood Flooring has over both Laminate Flooring and Engineered Flooring. If you have any opinions on this subject or have additional benefits you think need to be considered please feel free to post your comments for everyone to see.

To view our range of Solid Wood Flooring which includes Solid Oak Flooring, Solid Walnut Flooring, Solid Bamboo Flooring and Solid Ash Flooring visit us at

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Oct 18

Fitting Laminate Flooring

To get the best possible finish for you laminate flooring it’s essential that you fit it correctly as per the manufactures instructions. Below are some comprehensive videos from Quick-Step® which detail how to install your Quick-Step® laminate flooring.

To view our full range of Quick-Step® Laminate flooring visit us at

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Oct 13

Fitting Solid Wood Flooring

How To Install Your Solid Wooden Flooring

There are two methods avilable to you when installing your solid wood flooring. Both methods will give you a wonderful end result and choosing which method to use is down to personal preference and how confident you are in your DIY ability.

Install Solid Wooden Flooring Using Secret Nailing Method

You can install your new wood flooring by laying timber battens down on your existing sub floor in a perpendicular direction to the direction the flooring boards will be laid. Once this is done you can install your wood floor by laying the boards over the battens and before securing them with nails. To ensure a secure and hidden fixing the nails should be driven in a diagonal manner through the tongue of the board (see video). Once the next board has been fitted over the tongue the nail will be hidden and your flooring will have been installed securely but with no visible signs of nailing.

Install Solid Wooden Flooring As a Floating Wood Floor

The second method for installing wooden flooring is to fit the floor in a similar method as laminate flooring. Using this method of installation you’re not securing the flooring directly onto the sub floor but are instead creating a floating floor. Use a standard PVA wood glue (unless an alternative has been specified by the manufacturer) and apply a bead along the groove of your wooden flooring. Once this had been done, lay the board on the floor and proceed to apply a bead of adhesive to the next board. Then insert the tongue of the second board into the groove of the first and drive the joints home using a tapping bar, tapping block and a mallet which can be purchased from most DIY stores. This method results in the boards of your solid wood flooring being securely glued together and being held in place by its own weight.


As with any wooden flooring or laminate flooring please ensure you leave a minimum of 10mm expansion gap around the perimeter of the room. This allows the flooring to expand and contract with changes in temperature and humidity and avoids any chance of the flooring becoming damaged or rising up along its joints.

The expansion gap can be concealed using solid skirting boards or if this is not practical a wooden scotia or quadrant matching the wood of the flooring can be fixed to existing skirting boards to hide the gap.

To view our range of solid wooden flooring or laminate flooring visit us at where we have a wide range of oak flooring, ash flooring, walnut flooring and more available to buy.

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Oct 12

Laminate Flooring & Expansion Gaps

When installing your laminate flooring its essential to leave a 9mm expansion gap around the perimeter of the room. Laminate Flooring will expand and contract due to changes in both temperature and humidity therefore if you fail to leave an expansion gap your laminate flooring will bow, warp and be pushed up where the boards joint.

If you’re laminate flooring is being installed in two separate rooms, or there is an archway between two rooms it’s you should leave an 18mm expansion gap between the two rooms and cover it up using a door threshold.

Once the laminate flooring has been installed the expansion gap can be covered by installing a new skirting around the room. This may not always be practical therefore you can also use either a scotia or quadrant cover moulding to conceal the expansion gap and fix these new mouldings to your existing skirting.

To view our range of quickstep & krono laminate flooring and accessories visit us at

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Oct 04

Tuscan Solid Wood Flooring

Buy Tuscan Solid Wood Flooring From Blueprint Joinery

Blueprint Joinery offers solid wood flooring from Tuscan available to buy online for home delivery nationwide.

Hand Distressed Flooring

Our hand distressed solid wood flooring is totally fashionable with dark exotic tones and works extremely well in both period and contemporary properties. The hand scraped, hand distressed look gives the feel of precious and time worn solid wood flooring. Our hand distressed wooden flooring is factory finished with a lacquer and is available in boards measuring 120mm wide & 18mm thick.

Our hand distressed flooring is available in:

  • Walnut Stained Hand Distressed Oak Flooring
  • Big Earth Hand Distressed Oak Flooring
  • Golden Hand Distressed Oak Flooring.

Lacquered Flooring

The superior quality of Tuscans solid wood flooring makes them hard waring enough to cope with daily wear and tear. The lacquered finish applied to Tuscans lacquered wooden flooring range adds to the flooring’s ability to cope with wear and tear and also brings out the wonderful, warm look of the wood.

Our lacquered flooring is available in:

  • Rustic Oak 90mm Wide Flooring
  • Rustic Oak 120mm Wide Flooring
  • Maple Flooring

Brushed & Oiled Solid Oak Flooring

Tuscans range of solid oak brushed & oiled flooring is available in is factory finished with a high quality oil which really brings out the grain of the oak timber and gives your floor a luxurious and warm look.

Visit or call 01691 671020 for more details.

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Sep 28

Buy Quick Step Classic Laminate Flooring at Blueprint Joinery Ltd

Quick Step Classic Laminate Flooring

Blueprint Joinery’s flooring range includes the popular Quick Step Classic laminate flooring range which is available in a wide choice of finshes including oak, maple, beech and birch.

Quick Step Classic is more than just laminate flooring as you will find a combination of interplay between colour and style, and the natural look and feel of the flooring offering the appearance of real wood flooring at a fraction of the price. Quick Step Classic laminate flooring has several distinct styles of oak flooring, cherry flooring, birch flooring and beech flooring finishes as can be seen in the images below, offering something to appeal to all tastes and styles.

As the market leader in laminate flooring you can be assured that Quick Step’s Classic laminate flooring is of the highest quality and durability and there is also a full range of flooring accessories including sealants, underlays, skirting & scotias, cleaning kits and even a staircase cladding system to complement your choice of laminate flooring.

Quick Step Classic Laminate Flooring Specification

  • Single, Double & Triple Plank Designs
  • Up to 10 times more sratch resistance using Quick Step Scratch Guard technology
  • Fast & easy Uniclic installation system

Laminate Flooring Board Sizes

  • 1200mm x 190mm x 7mm boards
  • 1.8240m2 pack coverage

For more details visit or call 01691 671020

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Sep 23

Buy Wooden Flooring At Blueprint Joinery

Buy Wooden Flooring

Blueprint Joinery offers a wide range of wooden flooring solutions including laminate flooring, engineered wood flooring and solid wood flooring. Wooden flooring offers a wonderful alternative to carpeting and has the benefit of being easy to clean and maintain whilst adding a warm, luxiourous look to your home.

Laminate Flooring

We supply a wide selection of laminate flooring manufactured by industry leaders Quick Step and Krono. Our laminate flooring is available in a choice of wood effect finishes including oak, ash, walnut and bamboo and we have options available to suit any taste or budget.

Engineered Flooring

Our engineered flooring is an alternative to our laminate flooring and features a real wood veneer on a softwood backing, giving the look and feel of solid wood flooring at a fraction of the price. Our engineered flooring is available in a choice of wood finishes, board widths & lengths, and thicknesses.

Solid Wood Flooring

At the upper end of our wood flooring range is solid wood flooring available in oak, ash, maple or walnut. Our solid wood flooring is supplied in random lengths and is 20mm thick which allows the flooring to be sanded and refinished over the years giving you a floor for life. Our rustic oak solid wood flooring is a very popular choice and complements our solid oak ledged cottage doors extremely well.

Flooring Accessories

We also offer a wide range of flooring accessories to be used with our laminate flooring, engineered flooring and solid wood flooring ranges. These accessories include skirtings & architraves, underlays, door thesholds and more.

Visit or call 01691 671020 for details on our wood flooring products.

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